William Rogers Law work internationally and cater for customers from all around the world. We stand by them in all their deals, we defend their intellectual property, and represent them in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the United States. We specialize in brand protection and multi-company mergers and acquisitions.

William Rogers Law are similarly proficient when it comes to representing two-person start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. So you can be assured we have the relevant skill sets for whatever your legal requirements are.


Our team is our prized asset, selected from widely different backgrounds with one common ideology and that is to improve themselves through learning. The same ideology give us an immense strength and immeasurable versatility, giving our clients a wide range of views, experiences, ideas and capabilities.


No matter how good a team is, it still needs direction. Our directors stress the importance of the development of excellence and to be consistent in everything the firm does across the globe. Our CEO, Kevin Rhine, is active on our board of directors and mentors everyone who joins our team.


William Rogers Law’ history goes back for over four decades and we have a strong portfolio and history in mergers since 1965. The company was formed eight years ago by Kevin Rhine and is truly a global organization, with partner firms and associates in many countries.

What we do
Our business model is Success Based – providing strength, knowledge and experience in our negotiations, helping to boost your company’s profile and presentations, operating structure and finances. With acquisitions, our professional network provides us the correct connections and proficiencies that qualify us to give speedy and relevant overviews of suitable clients, including strategic acquirers, financial buyers and private equity firms. William Rogers Law offers Audit, Tax, and Advisory services, delivers a set of multidisciplinary financial and accounting skills and capabilities adhering to global standards and are based on a deep understanding of the industry. At William Rogers Law, we prioritize your acquisitions, we set our eyes on your outcomes and ensure your returns…

Our Philosophy
One in addition to one is equivalent to three – the condition for each effective merger or securing. To make shareholder esteem well beyond the total of the two organizations is the thing that one ought to have at the top of the priority list in purchasing an organization. Having two organizations together is more vital than two separate organizations – that is the rationale behind it. This philosophy attracts companies, especially those faltering. The stronger company helps to support the weaker and to make them a more resilient, competitive and cost effective operation.