Our feeling is that the roadmap to achieving success is generally composed of two elements; the planning and the application of strategy. Our approach to critical management embraces these two components. Planning is often the difference if a business succeeds or not; A company that stays in a competitive market is normally one that learns to adapt to changes in environments and continually meets objectives set. Taking the time to constantly stop and evaluate your progress to set objectives and then to regularly tweak both objectives and operations can be tough. However, really successful firms realise the importance of doing so and ensure that time is built in to regularly check and evaluate. Real leadership is needed to have the organization dedicated to strategic thinking, more importantly when there is a limited amount of internal resources. William Rogers Law’ strategic management consultants can provide help.




Our Valuation Services Division is fully committed to the “art and science” of valuation, financial advisory and litigation support services. They specialize on valuation and only valuation – that’s all that our Valuation Services Division do. This focus helps us achieve the highest level of technical proficiency and keep the highest valuation standard; this also makes us the one to go to for independent valuation services.


We offer valuation, financial advisory and litigation support services for:


  • Businesses, Partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Intellectual Property and Other Intangibles
  • Economic Loss/Damages
  • Closely-Held Equity, Debt and Derivative Securities
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Real Estate
  • Capital Cost Segregation
  • Fixed Asset Records


We also have an exemplary performance in negotiations relating to:


  • Financial Reporting/Regulatory Compliance
    to include goodwill and intangible asset impairment (SFAS 142/144), purchase price allocation (SFAS 141), in-process research and development, derivative valuations, in-kind contributions, non-competition covenants and rate setting.


  • Transaction and Financing Analysis
    to include fairness/related party opinions, collateral value and lease financing studies, solvency opinions, ESOP valuations, buy/sell agreements, pricing, pre/post-money valuations and financial advisory services.


  • Management Requirements
    to include options and restricted securities, intangible assets, economic value added, business interruption, business plans, corporate governance, financial restructuring, real option analysis, insurable value studies and strategic and market analysis.


  • Litigation Support and Dispute Resolution
    to include antitrust damages, breach of contract/warranty, bankruptcy/reorganization, defamation, dissenting shareholder rights, fraudulent conveyance, infringement, lender liability, lost profits, malpractice/negligence actions, marital dissolution and product liability.


  • Taxation
    to include built-in-gain, excessive accumulation of earnings, “S” conversions, executive compensation, purchase price allocation, transfer pricing, capital cost segregation and gift and estate planning.




Our Valuation Division used to be comprised of the union of two nationally famous organizations, New York industry Valuation services and Delaware Valuation Counselors. The union shaped has given start to a country wide corporation that tops as a leading full provider valuation advisory corporation that focuses in trade and tangible asset valuation, monetary advisory and litigation support services.

William Rogers Law’ Valuation Division has a credible reputation for its comprehensive services (financial, real estate and machinery and equipment), professionalism and expertise in the industry.

As one of the main impartial valuation corporations in the country, our Valuation Division has dealt with assignments for a few of the USA’s biggest firms and in addition the core-market businesses. Briefly, we represent a replacement to our competitors – a replacement that’s country wide, high caliber, complete service, and last but no means least cost-competitive.



The consultants in our Valuation Division are assigned with hundreds of assignments each year. Our valuation gurus draw insights from the administration and management experience that they obtain in distinct industries which includes customer products, power, financial services, healthcare/lifestyles science, high technological know-how/telecommunications, industrial products and actual property. This variety of reliable heritage and experience makes it possible for us to expertly be given economic advisory and valuation assignments for all possible industry and business purposes.

Our Valuation Division’s professionals also testify regularly, with a notable number of large commercial, bankruptcy and tax litigation cases. Our staff members also gave testimonies before courts of law, deliberated in Internal Revenue Service matters and worked together with lawyers, accountants, lenders and investment bankers. Our professionals usually help in arbitration, mediation and settlement negotiations.


Professional and Accredited

Our Valuation Division proves to be a melting pot for precise, very senior financial valuation professionals (a number of ex-senior management coming from the so-called “significant 5”), experts and financial consultants from Wall Street. This mix serves as the overriding force of our Valuation Division’s unfailing success no longer simplest within the boardroom, but additionally, when the time requires it, within the courtroom.


William Rogers Law’ Valuation Division strongly suggest that their staff members achieve professional designations that expand their capabilities to give the needs of the clients. Some of our consultants also have completed or are currently on their way to completing the demanding process of achieving the title of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), which is a comprehensive curriculum.


It bases its parameters on a world body of investment and analytical potential. Furthermore, we hire members of the Appraisal Institute (MAI) who are the leaders in actual property appraisal. Among the participants of our employees are licensed certified Public Accountants (CPA). As a entire, the experience and backgrounds of the employees enable us to recognize and take valuations as each “art and science”.


The Benefit

Our highly experienced staff come together to form an effective project team that formulate a high level analysis think tank. Their skills are honed to offer a significant negotiating team that are expert in communicating with all parties, and that includes the board of directors, company management and employees, regulatory authorities (SEC, IRS, OIG etc.), equity investors, lenders and bondholders, corporate purchasers and sellers, or legal judiciary.

The Valuation Division commit to give every client time to understand their individual needs and to respond accordingly, with effective and efficient representation.


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